MR. K POSTER 2004/05

this was a project i worked on between 04' - 05'.......i started by pencil drawing the images on stickers then colouring them with paint pens and markers. i got a 1.5' x 2' sheet of plexiglass and started sticking them on "collage style" until it was covered. after it was complete i decided to scan it and print posters. i signed and numbered 100 of them and i still have a couple left!
people who own the poster tell me they always see new things even after several years. haha!!
***this is also where the kaput burger was originated***


these are two images from the poster above that i re-drew and changed a bit. it was by request so they could have a three piece matching set of art. i had fun with project and they look great along side the original poster from 2005.


this original drawing is for sale. if your interested, please email me.........thx.