i got a chance to meet stak tfp in 2007. he is a great inspiration on my graffiti and one of my favorites. he did some sketches of my name and this is the first one i have done. i can't believe it's taken this long, to complete only one!! i painted the piece as close to the sketch as possible, also adding bottoms on the letters. more fresh as hell stak sketches to come!


  1. hi KAPUT,

    we build a wall that unites street artists around the world:

    PEZ, LOOMIT, KET ONE, JADE, PEETA, FLYING FORTRESS,... - artists from 21 nations bombed our wall since now.

    would you like to join? if you give me your okay, i would choose one of your pictures and put it on our wall. it would be great to have you with us. my email adress:

    best, arne